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What does it include?

  • It relates the working of the brain to our psychological behaviors and functions. Neuropsychoanalysts work to remedy the exclusion of the subjective mind in classical neurology. As such, it fits under the general understanding of neuropsychology.

  • Neuropsychology works similarly to classical neurology in that they both aim at achieving objectivity. Basing its operations on objectivity makes neuropsychology advance to great heights.

  • You have heard of all sorts of explanations for the differences between men and women with some people claiming that the two genders come from different planets. However, studies show that the disparities between the two are biological and not influenced by the environment.

What is Neuropsychoanalysis?

This movement was initially known as neuropsychoanalysis. It works to explore neuroscience as well as psychoanalysis in a bid to get a better understanding of the brain and the mind.

Ideas exploited in research


This aspect has a limit of about five to nine bits of information when compared to the emotional and unconscious functions of the limbic system. People often confuse this element with that of short-term memory. Though the two have a relation, they are in no way the same.

Control systems

Aspects such as subsequent processes and reality-oriented kind of thinking are classifiable as frontal lobe executive control systems. They are critical in neuropsychoanalysis research. Freud’s work on the Libido has a relation to the dopaminergic seeking system.


A lot of research goes into trying to explain why human beings behave the way they do when faced with different circumstances. Feelings of anger and sadness, as well as other emotions, come from these processes. The thing that is continuously active in all these activities is seeking.

Modern studies explores the interaction between psi performance and gambling strategy. There is a branch of the neuropsychoanalysis center which explores exactly this interaction. All of the classic skills that are together described as psi could be used in gambling. The most obvious is precognition - the acquisition of future knowledge over and above that which may be ascertained from what is currently known. Many of the online directories for bingo, slots casino and others conduct surveys with their users and provide data to the neuropsychoanalysis center to establish the overall interaction between psy and gambling.

Our first experiences of attachment and disapproval in our early years lay a foundation for the relationships that we have later in life, and they affect our personalities.
mechanical mind person

Infant Development

There are many stages which a child undergoes before they begin to understand their environment. Have you ever tried remembering something that happened to you as an infant? Most people have their first childhood memories starting at five years going up, and they cannot recall their life before then. Why is this? Studies show that we suffer from infantile amnesia, which is the lack of memory for our first years in life. This absence is as a result of a verbal left hemisphere, which gets activated from the second year going ahead. However, this is not to say that infants cannot remember anything about their first years. Instead of memorizing what happened to them, they experience emotional and procedural memories.

The Neuropsychoanalysis Center in London

The neuropsychoanalysis association comprises of three units. There is the fund located in London, the foundation based in New York and the trust situated in cape town. The three centers work hand in hand to ensure that the operations of the association are smooth.

The neuropsychoanalysis fund in London works to support the operations of the association. The neuropsychoanalysis center in the heart of London manages the activities of the Fund and thus those of the organization. Other roles that the center plays are overseeing the operations of the international psychoanalysis society, planning for the annual congress through the provision of various kinds of support and overseeing the publications of the neuropsychoanalysis journal.

The center also works to bring together scientists from across the globe. They do this by coming up with newsletters which they release several times per year. The publications aim at providing support in the form of logistics to study groups all over the world.

The neuropsychoanalysis center lies in Camden in Northwest London. It is a physical space which scientists interested in neuropsychoanalysis can call home. The people at the center also organize talks and study sessions in London, deal with the media and they provide answers to queries related to psychoanalysis.

The Congress

It is vital that members of an association meet now and then to share insights as well as to stay in touch as a community. As such, an annual congress is held each year where scientists flock to hear what others have to say and to weigh in on various issues.

Each year, they discuss a different concept in which various people have conducted research, and leave having learned something new. This year, the meeting will take place in Mexico City as from 31st August 2018 to 2nd September 2018, and the topic is Repression and Defence.

The talks will center on the relationship between suppression and memory, how these aspects can get investigated and which methods are suitable, the onset of repression and causative factors of repression.

19th Annual Congress - Repression and Defence

Mexico City 31.08 - 02.09.2018

The event will be at the Universidad Intercontinental, and the guest speakers will be Cristina Alberini, Néstor Braunstein, Nikolai Axmacher, Ariane Bazan, Mark Solms, Oliver Turnbull and Maggie Zellner.

* Members of the association in attendance will get credit hours.